Jérôme Nigou

(vocal, backing vocal)

Eric Halter


            Paul Cribaillet

    (keyboards, acoustic piano)

Cédric Affre


Pierre-Jean Horville


Few bands formed in the 1970s have been able to renew themselves.

ORION, often quoted by the foreign press as one of the most inventive French bands of the 1970s in the mainstream of bands like Ange, Camel, King Crimson, Pink Floyd or Genesis, is an exception. The band returned to the forefront of the progressive rock scene in 2013 with the release of an album featuring old compositions never released and new creations.
The 3rd album "La Face Visible" was released in 2015. The band was hailed as a critical success. At the end of 2017, ORION released its 4th album called "Le Survivant", a concept album which talks about the future of the planet and the uncertain destiny of humanity. The record received rave reviews.

Just two years after the very successful ''Le Survivant'' Pat Wyrembski and Jasiu Tokarz (co-founders of ORION) are back for their 5th album. The two partners have decided to get involved in production, artistic achievement and compositions, but leaving an important place to other musicians.
The joint project ORION 2.0 was born ...


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