5th album of the band
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About the album

The idea of Patrick Wyrembski, a founding member of the Orion group, was was to renew himself in a "New Prog" style with the desire to get progressive rock more popular and accessible, without denying his progressive roots.
A main change, a new singer : Jérôme Nigou on vocals and backing vocals, who also wrote all the lyrics and composed melodies.
Other new features :
- All team members took part in the composing process.
- Five texts are in English and two are in French.
This disc therefore consists of 7 tracks for a total duration of 40'29'' with those main themes :
"Digital life, robotisation, dehumanisation, artificial intelligence...
What kind of society do we want?
Can we still choose our lives in an increasingly virtual world ?
ORION questions our modern world in an ironic, sometimes puzzled, way."
As well as a tribute title "Run for Life" and a final song inspired by the famous fantasy novel "La peau de chagrin" written by Balzac in 1831. In this fantastic tale is the classic theme of the pact with the Devil : "I trade you the fulfilment of your desires for your life or your soul. "


 Orion is one of the oldest progressive rock bands in France with a sparse career. After a return in 2013, Le Survivant (2017) received rave reviews. Undoubtedly impressed by the success of Steven Wilson's To The Bone, the band took a turn towards a more immediately accessible music that they call themselves a new prog. Thus was born Orion 2.0 and its Virtual Human. With new musicians, including a singer at ease in both English (5 tracks) and French (2), this new album looks towards California, offering hushed compositions that enjoy seductive arrangements and impressive production. A new Orion, to be enjoyed in a non-virtual way.

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